About Franke Center

Intimate Venue | Ultimate Experience

The Joyce and Lucy Franke Center for the Arts is a gorgeous, historic theater set in picturesque Marshall, Michigan. With excellent acoustics and a luxurious atmosphere, The Franke Center for the Arts (MCCT, Inc.) has become a top regional destination for the performing arts. The Franke is known for . . .

  • Presenting concerts and live shows from world-class performers.
  • Providing arts training and community outreach through The Franke Center Children’s Theater.
  • Hosting the Marshall Civic Players, a theater group dating back to 1949.
  • Offering meeting space for civic, corporate, and family gatherings.

Our Mission

The mission of the MCCT is to entertain, educate and enrich through the arts.

Our Vision

The Franke Center for the Arts is the recognized leader in South Central Michigan for high-quality, diverse arts and cultural programming. The Franke Center is a community gathering place that:

  • Engages people via creative and artistic programming and fosters collaborative efforts that enrich our community.
  • Provides lifelong learning opportunities and educational experiences for all generations.
  • Encourages diversity in all of its forms.
  • Aids economic growth for the area.

Value Statements

The Franke Center values:

  • Quality performing arts.
  • The preservation and maintenance of the Franke Center, its structure, and history.
  • Fiscal responsibility and good stewardship of community support.
  • Individual and Corporate philanthropy.
  • Ongoing engagement of and with donors, patrons, artists, organizations, volunteers, and businesses.
  • Excellence in operations and governance.
  • Education and enrichment for people of all ages, particularly youth.
  • The fundamental significance and dignity of all individuals and their diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.

What is The Franke Center?

The Joyce and Lucy Franke Center provide business and social space for service club meetings, senior citizen groups, business/board meetings, receptions, private parties, youth-oriented programs, dramatic arts, and art exhibits. More than 8,000 people attend events at the Franke Center each year under the direction of the Marshall Civic Center Trust and with the leadership of highly qualified volunteers and technicians.

The Center was built in 1921 as the Brooks Memorial Methodist Church. The building was built with the idea of being not only a place of worship but a place where people could meet and hold business or social meetings. The Brooks Memorial Building included a gymnasium, public restrooms and a banquet room with a full-service kitchen.

We invite you to learn more about our history, too.