Please read:

  1. We are so excited to be working with all of you! This is going to be a great show and we cannot wait to get started!
  2. After you review the cast list, if you do not wish to accept your role, please call or text Allison Ebner at 269-274-5795 before Monday at 3pm.
  3. Script Pick Up is TBD and will be announced soon.
  4. MUSIC REHEARSALS WILL BEGIN THIS MONTH. We will hold three music rehearsals on December 19, 20 and 21. These will be from 3:30-5:30pm. If you are unavailable, please let Allison know.
  5. Please download the Band app. This will be our portal for all communications going forward.


Cast List

Jack Kelly: Ryan Murphy (Understudy Paul Butterfield)

Crutchie: Spencer Oswald (Understudy Hallie Machalka)

Davey: Paul Butterfield (Understudy Remee Morse)

Les: Alaina Dysinger (Ian Klepper Understudy)

Katherine Plumber: Elliana Ebner (Understudy Caetlin Finegan)

Medda Larkin/Nun: Natalie Traynor (Understudy Alaina Stafford)

Joseph Pulitzer: Andrew Root (Understudy Brady Anthony)

*Understudies will only perform in the event of an emergency*


Race: Remee Morse

Albert: Whitney Ivey

Henry/Dancer/Tapper: Hallie Machalka

Finch: Lucy Gensch

Specs/Dancer/Tapper: Audrey Amting

Romeo: Frank Giesen

Elmer: Eliza MacQuaig

Mush: Mollie Weaver

Tommy Boy: Alaina Stafford

Jo Jo: Kaya Oswald

Buttons: Luke Bierbaum

Ike: Anna Vincent

Mike: Alivia Parham

Splasher/Scab 3: Julian Fowler

Spot Conlon/Newsie: Ciara Funk

Newsie/Dancer/Tapper: Aubrey Dysinger

Newsie/Dancer/Tapper: Addyson Groeneveld

Newsie/Dancer/Tapper: Mary Claire Davis

Newsie/Dancer/Tapper: Annabelle Davis

Newsie/Dancer: Aubrey Tarkiewicz

Newsie/Dancer: Brooklyn Schoch

Newsie/Dancer: Angelina Warner

Newsie/Dancer: Adrienne Dysinger

Newsie/Scab 1: Violet Holbrook

Newsie/Scab 2: Ollie Bladen


Wiesel/Stage Manager: Jack Tekiele

Oscar Delancey: Chance Hamilton

Morris Delancey: Shane Klepper

Jacobi/Mayor: Hannah Eggleton

Snyder: Lilly Bladen


Seitz: Brady Anthony

Bunsen: Makayla Bailey

Nunzio/Policeman/Roosevelt: Jack Marsh

Hannah/Nun: Caetlin Finegan


Nun/Woman/Bowery Beauty/Newsie: Hayden Heikkila

Nun/Bowery Beauty/Newsie: Elizabeth London

Nun/Bowery Beauty/Newsie: Margaret Rodgers

Nun/Newsie: Evelyn Fowler

Nun/Bowery Beauty/Newsie: Leia Young

Nun/Newsie: Ollie Bladen

Nun/Newsie: Lucy Giesen


All of the below cast members will also be Newsies in the following songs:

Carrying the Banner, Seize the Day, Brooklyn’s Here, Finale


*Policemen and Goons appear in Seize the Day


Darcy/Cameraman/Policeman*: Charlie West

Bill/Goon*: Christian Brown

Guard/Policeman*: Betty Giesen

Guard/Policeman*: DeDe Weaver



Faye Grupke

June Tarmnel



James Muir

Ava Wirth


Newsies Ensemble:

Charlotte Bowman

Tinley Boroughf

Ava Buczynski

Amaya Dubois

Nery Figueredo

Ashlyn Finegan

Violet Groeneveld

Dean Haroff

Lilia Huggett

Leah Kendall

Monika Kirby

Ian Klepper

Cora Lazarus

Amelia Lighthall

Destiny Mains

Ellie Pfiester

Elena Reed

Cecilia Rodgers

Braeden Russcher

Autumn Sanchez

Maeve Shockey

Claire Swender

Kaylin Wagaman

Jaxon Whitmore

Cooper Zirkel


Set in turn-of-the century New York City, Newsies is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a band of teenaged “newsies.” When titans of publishing raise distribution prices at the newsboys’ expense, Jack rallies newsies from across the city to strike against the unfair conditions and fight for what’s right!


The production team includes Director, Jennifer Conley Darling, Music Director, Stacy Root, and Choreographer, Tricia Taylor. Jeremy Root, Assistant Music Director says, “We are thrilled to be partnering on Newsies. With both organizations having a great history of large-scale productions, we know this collaboration will provide a great opportunity for all involved,”. Director, Jennifer Conley Darling says, “We are excited to be expanding the age groups this year for such an epic production. And to be working in the beautiful auditorium at the high school while continuing to raise the bar with such a talented production team.”

If cast, there is a participation fee of $50 for each selected cast member.

Show dates

February 16-18 | 7PM

February 19  |  2:30pm

at Marshall High School Auditorium, 701 North Marshall Avenue, Marshall, MI

More Information: Allison Ebner, [email protected], 269-274-5795